Rakhi is passionate about research and her eye for detailing adds a lot of value and nuances to her style of writing. Good command on the language and flexibility towards adapting new ways of telling a story enables her with the power to constantly surprise her readers.

-Darshan Mahajan
(Artist, Entrepreneur, Founder Artistic Humans)

Rakhi is writing articles for our website quicktwice for a long time now. We prefer giving her topics after one she has just finished because she is professional to complete her work in a deadline. She sends her articles up to the mark. We consider her technical writing best for the health and research category. Rakhi has a good knowledge of vocabulary and to structure an article appropriately. Even, she has done a fabulous job of creative writing for our entertainment category. We will keep developing the world of information with Rakhi’s writing skills. 

Sunil singh; chief editor, quick twice (World articles)

I asked Rakhi for a professional book review as I found her reviews to be quiet detailed and honest. She was very prompt in her communication and kept me updated through the process. Her review too was quiet professional and covered all aspects from the craft of the story telling to the flow of narration to the language and style of writing. Overall it was a great experience working with Rakhi.

Rajnish kumar, Author of Aahang: A Dozen Stories from Here, There, Now and Then