Talk to my hand

Moody It was 3 Pm, Marie was at work and texted I love you, John. The message was delivered and so she was staring at the screen for John to read the message and reply her back in his romantic tone of message and smileys. It was 2 minute that Marie was running out of patience…


Mystical Living right Even not with you Totally bright Away from your dark flu And I say, go with the sail Like it floats on a water up-down To reach its route I am just my-my-mystical I feel so electrical By the way, I am going It feels so great…..!!! I must have cried I…

Help me go !

Missing I tried a lot But, you won’t leave You are present in everything I see your photograph I do is imagine all day There is least I can say Help-help me-me go-go Help-help me-me go! Will you please take mercy? I haven’t done any wrong nor good So turn around and have a look…

People nowadays

Dilemma Nowadays minding our own business bothers people that we aren’t interested in their unimportant life. -Sassyqueenn  

Get the fame!

Eclipse You don’t need to be a celebrity to get famous. All you need is some bunch of people get jealous with you 😀 And, don’t forget to enjoy the importance in other’s life when they gossip about you 😀 -Sassyqueenn

Let them go!

People don’t need to like us, we don’t live our life for them !!! -Lemonadesss


Sidewalk Girl, you got a rabbit tooth Lol, you are short too It’s none of my business, I know But, as you try to shine so much Sorry to say, It doesn’t seem cute!!! Hop-hop, you walk like you jump Only thing missing is big ears I am not interested in listening to your bluff…

Just some words

Complicated People want summer when there’s winter They wish for rain in summer. So, people change gradually. According to their comfort zones. Stop blaming yourself. You can either go with the flow Or, remain intact as you prefer.    

Two faced people

Hey, you there! Hey! How are you doing nowadays? Oh Am fine, my old friend. I think, just called me Stop staring at me utter some words or, else if you feel to leave Get disappear within seconds from my sight. I know its none of my business anymore It’s about the friends we…