A season of Daffodil, a season of affair!

It was a cold climate. The wind has shifted its arena from hot humid to making the spine chill. This was very much loved than having flooded cold water in the rainy season which also made everyone’s spine chilled but with fear and tension. But, this fall, it made everyone in love with themselves again and again and again. The process seems to be endless for some. To get cosy in the blanket, falling right in the arms of their loved ones, with kisses, warm hugs, and lovely memories.

This is what Daffodil had, some time has gone, when she started to bloom in late December, a time around Christmas, working for the Daffodil family, waving at the sun, having some exotic memories. She loved the season of fall, where the earth was cooled down to a certain temperature. Grabbing some hot chicken legs with hot red sauce on them. She never really liked the sauce. It was her simple choice to have everything sober. Not too messy, not too over-tasty, just right up to her soberness.

You know, one of her secrets was, she liked her food simple without any sauce on them, but her life was as messy and controversy as hell…Even if she was not the one to start fooling around. She had to have all the blame on herself.

The worst-case scenario was when she fell into the trap of fooling with the best friend of her crush? That was the situation when she couldn’t actually work her ethics out.

Daffodil remembers, how she was dragged into it…It was like a tonne of hot sauce has been poured upon the chicken legs which she was about to have.

She can still remember her life before that. She was aware of shitty people, she had a rule to not believe people anymore! And, here is her hell of the story with two boys. One was her love-interest and another was his best friend. She knew that she was only responsible for her own happiness and still, somehow she fell into the trap just because she thought to give another chance to hope and love.

She was new to the field of flowers. Minding her own business. She never wanted to make friends there because that was named in the blacklist of her flower’s organization. But, she did not know the whole thing. The field is considered to be the most resourceful, rich, and consists of the most famous playboys. She was unaware of the names. Because it was not considered so important to talk about in her circle of friends.

Well, it all started when they started accepting her in all their outing, birthday celebrations and she became their so-called temporary friend cum entertainment, the reason was her frankness. Everyone liked her. Still, she tried to be weird and not to make any friends.

Suddenly, one day there was a rumour that Giglia liked her. He was one of her Mentor’s best friend, having blue petals, beautifully arranged in a certain geometric pattern, with no aroma, he had the skill to impress others by the look of its petals. Well, he was handsome and smart, use to laugh at Daffodil, made the environment light, and the most important she was given a bench beside him. So, he had a nice view of Daffodil’s phone. She has caught him looking at her phone when she was messaging. She complained about him watching over her personal messages to his best friends, Acacia (her mentor), Marigold, Jessamy, and Kalina. But, no use. He continued to exploit her privacy.

One day she was in the garden on the bridge where the cool winds were brushing through her hair. Giglia’s blue petals were waving towards her like teasing her silently. He stood behind her and kept his hands tightly around her stem. He held her so tightly that She said, she had to go. But, he did not leave her at once. She tried to restrain his arms around her and then he left her. She was in shock for the rest of the day. She couldn’t go in front of him. She also avoided to talk to Acacia and even did not want to go on that bridge again.

Some days later, She was seated between Acacia, Kalina, Giglia, and Jessamy called Daffodil just to show her a middle finger. She tried to be sporting and asked him to stop that because it’s all is getting recorded in the CCTV camera. Well, he continued to do it and she had warned him that she can complain about this to a higher authority.

Well, after that she has always ignored him. Daffodil knew the freak he was.

Whereas, Giglia tried to be all the nice guy with her. Daffodil was speechless about the ways he went to impress her. He asked his fellow flower friends (Acacia, Marigold, Jessamy, and Kalina) to be good with her, he even handled the wrong things sometimes Daffodil did without realizing. And, that’s all a girl needs to like a guy. They were like so good friends. She can still remember him. Even though Giglia knew about Daffodil’s affection for him, he played along instead to put an end on it. That’s when the problem started.

Everything got out of the hand when she tried talking to Giglia about rumours of how he liked her and showed her affection towards him too. He dismissed the point into not have heard anything about it. There was a magnetism Daffodil has always felt towards him. Even when he wasn’t around, his magnetism has always called over her to be where he is present, even though they both belonged to a different set of flowers. Daffodil loved him having around. His arms were so strong. She remembers his shirt folded up to his elbows, which looked so good around her stem and leaves. She even remembers the colour of the shirts he uses to wear, in order to match his blue petals. She just loved everything about him.

By the time, she realized she should not encourage her feelings anymore. She started keeping him at bay. Obviously, the toughest and hateful situation was for her. But, this is how she could have saved their friendship. This made Giglia so furious on her. He got angry with her ignorance. It felt so bad. She thought to confront him for the second time. She asked him about his disappointment, to which he claimed to be cool like he was all okay.

During that time, when She was trying to figure things out, she met Jessamy as a friend. Yes, that Jessamy who showed her a middle finger. She realized to move on, she needs to make new friends. She was sure that Giglia was just infatuated towards her and he cannot give her a serious relationship which she had been looking for rather than fu*king around.

Jessamy (best friend of Giglia) was an entertaining as well as a disturbing guy. He always disturbed Daffodil, as her field of flowers was right next to him too. Well, he was a super-senior to her, he belonged to the biggest family of flowers in the field and she couldn’t really want to back answer him and make their friendship worse because she was going through a rough patch with Giglia already. People talked about Daffodil spending much time with Jessamy who was very famous as a playboy. She never thought Jessamy as that. She always saw him as a senior who can teach her a lot about cultivating a healthy Botany. Yes, he was a genius. She really respected him as an intelligent person as she did for her mentor (Acacia).

Things went good with Jessamy, flirting. She was okay! Well, this is what boys do! Right? But, again things got out of control when Jessamy tried to steal some of her beans. This meant wrong! She still tried to chill out from the situation. He was actually trying to prove that she was the one interested in him and wanted more than friendship.

Even though she was trying to save herself from Jessamy, she always had an eye for Giglia. What he is up to! She wondered what he must be thinking about her, being with his best friend, a playboy and enjoying his jokes and company. People were like maybe Daffodil was Jessamy’s new girlfriend. Jessamy tried to prove to the whole flower community that she was interested in him. He too tried to touch her in front of his friends.

Jessamy liked to have her around. Many of Daffodil’s close friends, Blossom, and Bubbles had very negativity to his presence. To which Blossom asked Daffodil to make Jessamy go away. Daffodil has always tolerated him most of the time, but that day she asked him to leave them alone. Jessamy got angry and left. He did not speak it to her for a week. She tried to make things right but, he twisted her leaves in front of her friends. It hurt a lot. And, that day Daffodil lost her temper. That day, she decided, he will know her feminism and hatred to such playboys. The boys who want to degrade a women’s dignity. To prove them characterless. Such boys should actually burn in hell!

Giglia had all the reasons to unfriend Daffodil and throw her out of his life. It was also hurtful and she still cannot get over him. Jessamy and Giglia harassed her in any way. Giglia had insulted her a lot afterwards. He had met a new flower to get married. He wanted to cut all the strings attached to Daffodil. Jessamy made everyone hate her. Bitching about her to everyone.

This story is not much about the whole war story of these three flowers. They mixed the personal and professional lives. She was the one to be blamed. This made her launch a harassment complaint against them to the head of the flower community. Before that, She tried to make things right. But, they know to underestimate women. She just tried to remind them of women’s power. She could have brought a gun and shot them right on the face. No, she’s not a criminal. She is a nice, blooming flower. She won’t sacrifice herself because of some freaks, sex-addicts, f*cked up seniors, playboys.

Giglia made her realize that even if the guy insults and molests, women don’t have the right to take a stand against the man because he is the crush or a senior. Maybe, women are destined to suffer on earth. But, Daffodil did what has to be done. Someone had to prove to him, women are always alone, but not made to be slaves. Even, when it comes to love.

Daffodil is at the starting point again. To not believe in people, to not love so much, hope can be dangerous sometimes. Giglia has left the flower’s field and she emailed him good luck because she has passed the hate for him for playing with her feelings. They both are not worth for her hatred. Sometimes, she cannot stop blaming herself because she should have followed her instincts. She thought this could be the better flowers to take a chance for rather than messing it with her over-thinking.

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