Women present scenario at workplaces!

This is a story where men from the society wants to dominate a woman. The only purpose of this article is to spread awareness, so watch out! There are other articles that will help you find a better way to deal with people you meet and manipulative aspects you should save yourself from.

Jasmine can still remember her life before that. She was aware of shitty people, she had a rule to not believe people anymore! She knew that she was only responsible for her happiness and still, somehow she fell into the trap just because she thought to give another chance to hope.

She was new to the lab. Minding her own business. She never wanted to make friends there because the lab was named in the blacklist of the research college. But, she did not know the whole scenario. The lab was considered to be the most resourceful, rich, and consists of the most famous playboys. She was unaware of the names. Because it was not considered so important to talk about in her circle of friends.

Well, it all started when they started accepting her in all their outing, birthday celebrations and she became their so-called temporary friend cum entertainment, the reason was her frankness. Everyone liked her. Still, she tried to be weird and not to make any friends.

Gunj was one of her Mentor’s best friends, Well, he use to laugh at her, made the environment light, and the most important she was given a bench beside him. So, he had a nice view of her phone. She had caught him looking at her phone when she was messaging. She complained about him watching over her messages to his best friends, Ail sir (her mentor), Mani sir, Kalid sir, and Jay. But, no use. He continued to exploit her privacy.

One day, she was in the HPLC lab to do some calculations. Gunj came and asked her if he could help her with it. He stood behind her and started writing in her book while grabbing her tightly. He held her so tightly that she said, she had to go. But, he did not leave her at once. She tried to restrain his arms around her and then he left her. She was in shock for the rest of the day. She couldn’t go in front of him. She also avoided to talk to Ail Sir and even did not want to go on that lab again. Even though he called her twice to come back to the lab to do TLC. 

Some days later, she was seated between Ail sir, Kalid sir, Mani sir, Gunj, and Jay called she just to show her a middle finger. She tried to be sporting and asked him to stop that because it’s all is getting recorded in the CCTV camera. Well, he continued to do it and she warned him that she can complain about this to a higher authority.

Well, after that she always ignored him. She knew the freak he was.

Whereas, Gunj tried to be all the nice guy with her. She is speechless about the ways he went to impress her. He asked his friends to be nice with her, he even handled the wrong things sometimes she did unknowingly. And, that’s all a girl needs to like a guy. We were like so good friends. She can still remember him. Even though Gunj knew about her affection for him, he played along instead to put an end on it. That’s when the problem started.

By the time, she realized she should not encourage her feelings anymore. She started keeping him at bay. The toughest and hateful situation was for her. But, this is how she could have saved our friendship. This made Gunj so furious on her. He got angry with her ignorance. It felt so bad. She asked him about his disappointment, to which he claimed to be cool like he was all okay.

During that time, when she was trying to figure things out, she met Jay as a friend. Yes, that Jay who showed her a middle finger. This time he was very humble to her. She realized to move on, she need to make new friends. She was sure that Gunj was just infatuated towards her and he cannot give her a serious relationship which she had been looking for rather than fu*king around.

Jay (best friend of Gunj) was an entertaining as well as a disturbing guy. He always disturbed her while she was writing paper, as she was right next to him too. Well, he was a super-senior to her, and she couldn’t want to back answer him and make our friendship worse because she was going through a rough patch with Gunj already. People talked about her spending much time with Jay who was very famous as a playboy. She never thought about him like that. She always saw him as a senior who can teach her a lot about chemistry. Yes, he was a genius and an excellent teacher. She had always respected him as an intelligent person as she did for her mentor (Ail sir).

Things went good with Jay, flirting. She was okay! Well, this is what boys do! Right? But, again things got out of control when Jay tried to touch her inappropriately. This meant wrong! She still tried to chill out from the situation. He was trying to prove that she was the one interested in him and wanted more than friendship.

Even though she was trying to save herself from Jay, she always had an eye for Gunj. What he is up to! She wondered what he must be thinking about her, being with his best friend, a playboy and enjoying his jokes and company. People were like maybe she is Jay’s new girlfriend. Jay tried to prove that she was interested in him.

Jay liked to have her around. Many of her close friends, Nora, and Aarora had very negativity to his presence. To which Nora asked her to make Jay go away. She always tolerated him most of the time, but that day she asked him to leave them alone. He got angry and left. He did not speak to her for a week. She tried to make things right but, he twisted my arm in front of her friends. It hurt a lot. And, that day she lost her temper. That day, she decided, she will know what feminism is. The boys who want to degrade a women’s dignity. To prove them characterless. Such boys should burn in hell!

Jay and Gunj harassed her in any way. Gunj had insulted her a lot afterward. He wanted to cut all the strings attached to her. Jay made everyone hate her. Bitching about her to everyone.

This story is not much about the whole war story of these three researchers. They mixed the personal and professional lives. She was to take all the blame on herself. This made her launch a harassment complaint against them to the Women’s cell of our college . Before that, she tried to make things right. But, they know to underestimate women. She just tried to remind them of women’s power. She could have brought a gun and shot them right on the face. No, she is not a criminal. She won’t sacrifice herself because of some freaks, sex-addicts, f*cked up seniors, playboys.

Gunj made her realize that even if the guy insults and molests, women don’t have the right to take a stand against the man. Maybe, women are destined to suffer on earth. But, she did what has to be done. Someone had to prove to him, women are always alone, but not made to be slaves.

She is at the square one, again. To not believe in people, hope can be dangerous sometimes. Gunj has left the college and she emailed him good luck because she have passed the hate for him for playing with her feelings and persuading her mentor to stop looking after her project. They both are not worth for her hatred. Sometimes, she cannot stop blaming herself because she should have followed her instincts. She thought this could be the better people to take a chance for.