Audiobook-A study in emerald by Neil Gaiman

Many may not know, Google playbooks provide an enormous collection of ebooks with read-aloud option as well as audiobooks. 

I recently purchased A study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman.  

About : A study in emerald

Alluding to both the Sherlock Holmes canon and the Old Ones of the Cthulhu Mythos, this Hugo Award-winning short story will delight fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H. P. Lovecraft, and of course, Neil Gaiman.

A Study in Emerald draws listeners through carefully revealed details as a consulting detective and his narrator friend solve the mystery of a murdered German noble. But with its subtle allusions and surprise ending, this mystery hints that the real fun in solving this case lies in imagining all the details that Gaiman doesn’t reveal, and challenges listeners to be detectives themselves.

Audiobook : A study in emerald : review:

The most fascinating about this audiobook narrator is the author himself. Neil Gaiman does marvelous work. I was not sure how it might go before the purchase. It is my first audiobook, and thanks to Neil Gaiman, my experience is fabulous.

The high-pitch voice makes your concentration focused and attention at the story. It felt like I was listening to an on-stage drama. I loved how the narrator exclaims the change of expression in his tone. Neil Gaiman is a beautiful story-teller too.

The book revolves around two friends from different countries solving a murder-mystery. It resembled Sherlock and Dr.Watson.
The audiobook is 45 min. I finished it in one go because I did not want to come back from the scenario narrator made up in my mind. We experience the Baker street, just like Sherlock, and live in the same old vintage times. Now, I want to go back and read some of the sherlock’s stories. I love the feeling of old London. Or, another Neil Gaiman books.

Audiobooks are new and a change to some reading traditions. I felt like it is improving my concentration as I tried to remain focused on the changing pitch of the narrator. If you have not tried any audiobook yet! Amazon avails a first free audiobook for its customers and 1-month complimentary membership to its audible app. Moreover, amazon-prime users get 3month of free membership. Google playbooks provide its users with Rs.200/- off on its first audiobook. All the readers should try this once. It’s just like a story-listening experience.

The below is the link to the audiobook:

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