World Elephant day-A tribute

Elephants are one of the brilliant animals. I got to know on my Thailand trip. It was amazing to see elephants perform the show, as well as sad at the same time. Read through to see the pictures of their amusings. The images are from the elephant show of Safari World, Bangkok.

The post is dedicated to elephants as a tribute to their talent to learn and perform! We will see more of animals in next post!

The direction post of safari world, bangkok. We got elephant show at the fourth stop!!! Here we will directly jump to the fourth block!

Elephants arriving at the staging!


Paintings by elephants!

Elephants playing basketball

Body massage by elephants!

Hoop play!

A good-bye!

The show was incredible. If you don’t like animals, you’ll fall in love with them! We can expect and spread awareness to treat them with the utmost respect and care they deserve. Even if you feel gross, nobody has the right to abuse animals.

I urge people to understand animals can also suffer depression. They too have feelings and meant to live their life close to nature.

Try to rescue animals in pain.

Stop using them for entertainment.


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