Insights of Chatuchak weekend market-Bangkok

Our Bangkok, Thailand academic tour was an amazing experience! We stayed at Makkasan junction of the Bangkok city. Here we present a shoppers hot-spot: Chatuchak Weekend market. The market is so big, you’ll have to plan your trip accordingly to spend a whole day shopping because the time you spend there will not be enough.

Me at Makkasan Railway station, Bangkok
Me at Makkasan Railway station, Bangkok

Right opposite to Makkasan railway station, my stay was at four star hotel Bangkok Palace! Check the pictures below!

From Bangkok palace hotel, we went 9.5 km to Chatuchak weekend market, opened on friday, saturday, and sunday. The market with the map so you don’t get lost. It is known for its shopping variety of fashion, accessories, and serves a lot for foodies!!!

Chatuchak Weekend market map

The place for every art lover!!!


The love for lights!

Adorable wooden art!

So many other sling-blings

The enormous clothing section will make you go crazy that you will toss your camera into a tote bag bought from chatuchak market itself and drown into feeling of giving yourself to the place!

A perfect spot to buy everything that will have a mark of thailand!

For Foodies!

We ended our trip with a refreshment of coconut water.

Chatuchak weekend market is a great shoppers spot!

You’ll love it, you’ll miss it, and you’ll cherish it!

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