If I was a Man, I’d be the Man!

Bertha, 25, graduate student was working with her mentor, Alex on an internship project. Alex was around 8 years older than her. She never had thought about how her project would end. This is a story of the girl discovering about her society.

Her Mom had told her to look good in people. And, you get goodness in return. Maybe, she didn’t know this is not the case every time. But, Bertha cannot blame her Mom for what happened. Sometimes, the lessons are necessary to learn to know how this world works!

Alex belonged to a small town. He had craved his way up to the topmost designation by himself. Bertha was proud to work with him. She tried to grasp as much as the knowledge she could. Alex was playing his cards. He made sure to keep the fish into the net, tied above the water. So, the fish gets some water to live and keeps dying too. Bertha learned some technology, he did this to show everyone he was doing his part.
When there was no one around, he made lewd remarks to her. She got confused, She didn’t know what it means. Most of the time, she laughed it off. He was just being friendly.

Some days after, Alex asked her to go for a conference with him. She was excited that her mentor was so considerate towards her education. She ran off to attend the seminars with him. When she got there, he was sitting in the last row, corner seat. The surrounding seats were empty. But, she took the seat beside him and asked whether they can move forward so the screens are more visible and the speech will be too clear. He denied. It was vague to her. Even she did not notice the way he was looking at her. Focused in the lectures, she made some notes and left.

The next day, Alex did not show up at work. This never happened. He always used to inform her about his working timings. From some days, he had become a ghost. Inattentive and unaware of her project completion. Bertha was damn worried. The internship time was about to finish and a lot of work was remaining. She ran towards Alex. He was in front of his computer, reading. She asked him to tell her further steps because she was stuck. This is how things had come as per Alex had planned. If she doesn’t get attracted to him or doesn’t spend time with him as a girlfriend, she will come to him for help, when her project gets on the verge of end. He asked her to be generous towards him. But, as he was saying his intentions clear this time, Bertha left before he could even finish his sentence. That was the end of a hard-worked project. No outcome, no end. Because a girl was just being decent.

She talked to some of her friends about the girls working in the office. The information she discovered was more horrible. Nobody talks about it, but everyone knows. The girls working there have been liberal towards such remarks and conditions of work, hence got control over their working place. Bertha decided if this is what was expected by her too then this was not gonna happen no matter what.

She completed her project by herself, by whatever she knew. And, put an end to the thought of Alex that she was ever gonna be with him like anyone else.

The responsibility of encouraging such pervert thoughts into a man is sometimes women. The women in the office would have protested against such illegal conditions to work and learn. But, they followed the path they found easy. They forgot how strong a woman can be. Hence, other newly joined females suffered from the consequences. Bertha did what was right. Alex thought to dominate weakly. She fought, made a change to obscene mentality.

Courage is difficult. Yes, doing right is very arduous. But, in the end, it is always worth it. 


If I was a man, I would be so much dedicated to sharing my knowledge rather than dismissing a faithful student by not working under some stupid conditions. I think this is why women have to prove themselves continuously in the society, because of some jerks who think they can dominate us.

I would like to dedicate this post to my favorite song, The Man by Taylor Swift. Do watch the video!

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  1. Gottfried says:

    People take ‘use what you have to get what you want’ too literally these days.

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