Find out your hatred makes you which animal.

Hate is a term we all are familiar with. Do you know, hate is actually depicted in variety among types of people? Recently, I read about emotional trauma and how to know what intensity we are affected. I think talking about hatred is also important to know where we can get ourselves into a mental battle. It is actually a battle not with others, but with ourselves. Recently, I worked with a group of people who were masters of manipulative behaviour, and still called themselves as saints. They didn’t have acceptance of their wrong deeds, instead, they have acceptance of proving others wrong. Even they were a hell of crappy bags. Some of them even stated that they can play with others mind and make them stressful because they have got the solution to meditation. Meditation helps them to enjoy watching others in depression. Don’t you think even this is also a kind of hatred? I mean, if you didn’t hate the person, then why play with their minds and make fun of them!!!
The below points will prove the type of hatred you are suffering from, and even though you deny, this will be ruling your mind.

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Let’s move towards categories of hatred you are dealing with:

1) Wrong use of the power

You know, people will dance to your tunes because you are the boss. You like making others work on your terms and conditions. Even though it is wrong. If someone stands against this, you dominate them as to listen to your whatever bullshit.

Try to set a good example. As bad one always ends like a crap.

The animal that you people resemble is being a Hyena.

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2) Judgemental

You judge people because whether you think they are better than you or worse than you. So, depending on your observations, you decide how to treat them.

Do you think this is right? Man, you are sick.

You people are similar to the behaviour of goats because they always are in their group not being much socially frank.

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3) Distract

You try to distract your colleagues and waste their time by not letting them do their work.
Have you ever thought you are dealing with mental tiredness all the time because of plotting ideas for others?

The most powerful distracting animals are snakes by use of their tongue. Good luck that you are resembling to a snake!

Photo credit | Naturettl

4) Undervaluing

Underestimating those whom you have rated as weak in your list. So they feel worthless.

Think over this! Nobody is greater than other.
Where are your basic values???

You people are Lemurs.

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5) Spy

Spying on others works without their presence. To know where you stand according to their progress of work.

Here, you are underestimating yourself.

This sounds similar to the behaviour of hippopotamus 🦛. Enjoy!

Photo credit | Live science

6) Bitching

Others behaviour is nobody’s personal issue. Still, we care to waste ourselves and keep on ranting.

I mean, where do you stand in this?

Cats, people you are cats. Don’t be so proud. Cats are known to have a very bad attitude.

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7) Two-faced

You cannot put yourself socially out there. Nobody knows your reality because you mould yourself according to the people you are going to be with. You are awesome with those who appear to be of some use to you. And, you be worst with people who are not important use for you.

What is this? Being sharp? Or intelligent? Nope, Man! You are cunning.

Well, you all resemble being an 🐊 Alligator. Have fun!

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These were some ill-habits that make you humanly worst. Your behaviour affects your mental health even though you might feel strong and dominating. Just remember, no good comes out of bad ever. In whatever category you may fall, try to change and see the brighter side of the road down the path.