10 things Women should avoid at work!

We women love ourselves and people around us. I think that is the extensive thing we can do to make our lives miserable. Obviously, we love our family so much, that is not a bad thing to worry. But, if we count our blessings, how much do we do for ourselves. In a busy life, we forget to balance things between our professional and personal lives. In the end, the blame is on women, as to how unprofessional we can be. Even if we want to keep everyone happy.

On this Women’s day, I would like to highlight some points that should be do’s and don’ts list for every woman going out for work:

1) Always remember everyone is not your friend at work. So avoid being frank with every person you meet.

2) Never talk too much with men at work about personal life.

3) Men who help you the most are not doing it without any reason. Try not to take their help as much as possible.

4) See, who is who by yourself. Never judge anyone by other’s gossip.

5) Women love to gossip. Work is not a place to make a blunder. Stay away from gossips. Even if it is about you.

6) Always ignore men who talk vulgar about you with their friend’s circle. They are just trying to bring you down.

7) Never have a relationship with men at work. That is a walk towards disaster. Especially, if the Man is married.

8) Even if you have good friends at work. Try to keep your feelings low. You can discuss your life after work or at weekends.

9)Always trust your gut feelings you get about a person. And, stay away.

10) If you have enemies at work. Never let them affect you. Even if the enemies were once your friends. Letting go is the most mindful thing you can ever do.

The most difficult thing a woman can get through is falling in love. Love makes us weak. Try not to dance on the tunes of a man you love until and unless you feel is right. Walk away from anyone if you are being degraded. We are strong in our own way. It is like a person can be sober for so many years before it can take up drugs or alcohol again. It is just the same, we women don’t need men to make us feel strong. We don’t need their love. True love not only comes from men as said in Maleficient movie. A Man can tell you anytime that he doesn’t love you anymore, but you with yourself will be together always.

We women need us. We are enough for ourselves.

– jalapenogirl

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