To all the women out there!

Some days ago I wrote about my personal experience on my blog. It enraged the people involved in it. The post was actually about how women get treated in the outside world and how she feels! But, it did hurt people’s sentiments. It was written by me with all my heart. I mentioned every detail of the incident happened. My Mom asked me to delete it because it might be harmful to someone’s life and it also involves me. The person, specifically, who was responsible said that he can also start a blog and write about me. I was happy, at least someone is gonna write about me and I was ready to enjoy. LOL!

My blog post is only for the awareness and wellness of the world. I never mean to outraged any kind of uncomfortable relationship and problems for them. Since, the post has hurt some people, I decided to first change the names of people involved. That did not worked well for them. I decided let’s take it down and keep it in my draft and keep it editing as much as I want.

The moral of this post is that, I may have taken the post down but this doesn’t mean I am guilty of anything or an awful women to write such a post. I am a women, who is not afraid to take a stand. I have seen some girls who were my friends to play along what comes to them, they liked being afraid around others and be dramatic all the time.

I am not a well-behaved women, and I dare to make such things happen that will change people’s perpectives.
Be your own hero!
Dedicated to my Mom,
Who has made me capable of taking a stand for myself, taught me to write my experiences down so well that it can change the world.

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