Handle: Tolerance and conflicts in day to day life!

  • We all must have noticed that we are not the same person we were a year before. What caused that change? Ask yourself! Is it healthy or not? How can you actually control it? Let’s find out the answers!
  • A year is a long duration which can have an adverse effect on us with numerous situation. That can be a good or bad memory. We can have a nice performance at work, an awesome relationship, a heartbreak, good friends time, lonely time, struggling through the career, bought a new house, went for the first foreign trip, moved to some new place and start a new life! Whichever it is we don’t notice we have become more intolerance in handling our temper. And, it goes worse with whether we had a flourishing or bankrupt year. Believe me! Just try to notice yourself when you have wakened up late in the morning. Even though you are a calm minded person, you will start torturing your house in order to complete your morning chores on time. And, this is because you have a meeting and there is some important superior data you have to show to your colleagues which can make you a hero. You would be even doing the same torturing to the house if you had a disaster and useless data to show in the meeting.

See, the point is in order to control any type of situation our reaction might be the same and we don’t realise we are actually losing out mind.

People call this as mood swings! Well, I am really on a giant mood swing right now!

Let us discuss some of the problems that result in demotivating us and that leads us to create some disaster around us: in the bracket are some important points to be thought of but we don’t.

  1. When you have loads of work to be done (opportunity to be successful).
  2. When our best friend backstab us (at least we know the truth now).
  3. Our crush doesn’t reply to our messages on time (this means to meet new people and find a better direction).
  4. We don’t have a better relationship with our work colleagues (Serious problem, but being good is the only way out).
  5. We don’t get along with other people (accept this is who we are, it is okay to be different).
  6. Overthinking (dangerous to mind, we cannot control everything)
  7. Overloving (no one our love deserves except us).

Add to the comment section if I missed out anything! Maybe writing over here will make you feel good!!! You can also make your story a pleasantry and let us enjoy each other’s experience!

We become angry birds!

What to do about it???

In such a hindrance situation when you will get a feeling that you will mess up. Try to get yourself sit at one corner and start counting in your mind. By counting you will bring your thoughts to a certain path and all the vague, anger and confusion will come to a halt very slowly. You will eventually see the consequences of your storming mood swings on the present life. Sometimes, you will feel that you cannot be wrong every time. Then you will take some disastrous steps which you will regret later on. (like I had sent a real talk message with all my hatred involved at one in the morning to the playboy of our lab. Well, I did not regret it later. Because I had insulted him and that’s what he deserved. But, I would have also chosen to not giving a f*ck about it too). See, controlling our mind is one of the biggest game we play every day. Other things come afterwards. Make sure what you do affects only and only you, not to the surrounding because it will only make the situation worse!

Exercise, eating healthy, keeping fresh, reading self-help books come to be the later options. Because this option doesn’t mean that you will be doing great only if you do all the things mentioned above. You can do best even if you missed your exercise some days or cheating on the diet for several weeks. That’s the biggest challenge what you can do without the supporting, side options.


Controlling the tolerance will control your actions and thereby the conflicts. But, it is not so easy. Day by day, you will have to practise it with the surrounding people. Use them in your mind to make yourself strong. Then, at a certain point, you will not give a f*ck whatever they do. Some points to be considered:

  1. Keep your expectations low.
  2. Try to be sharply minded (like making a fast judgment about anything and that has to be right also).
  3. Sit still, when you get short-tempered. Don’t go for any immediate action.
  4. Stop thinking about what others think about you.
  5. Eat some dark chocolate when you are feeling agitated.
  6. Drink water in some intervals of time when we can not get some issue out of your mind.
  7. Watch a comedy show. Keep any light sitcom in your mobile. And see some funny scenes. This will help you get relaxed.
  8. Sometimes, the reading may not help here. It works for few, not for all.

I hope this will be useful for all of you. I, myself is a very unsettled and anxious type of person. Just try to help me out, if you know any better advice or I missed something to mention here. Make yourself helpful by adding the comment so we all can share our thoughts and find a way out.

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