Everything is f*cked: A book about hope! by Mark Manson

“Pain is the universal constant of life. And human perceptions and expectations wrap themselves to fit a predetermined amount of pain. In other words, no matter how sunny the skies get, our mind will always imagine just enough clouds to be slightly disappointed.”

-Everything is f*cked, Mark Manson

About : Everything is f*cked: A book about hope

The superstar blogger and author of the smash New York Times bestseller The Subtle Art of Not Giving an F*ck now does for love what he did for happiness in this raw and candid guide to relationships.

We live in a love-crazed culture where amour is celebrated and idealized as life’s ultimate goal. Not so, contends Mark Manson. In the no-nonsense voice his fans love, he argues that love is not all we need to have a successful relationship, and offers us the tools to hone the values and skills necessary for not screwing things up with the most important people in our lives.

Hard-hitting, funny, and bluntly honest, F*ck Yes or No takes readers for a ride of hard punches and unpleasant truths. “Just because you love somebody, doesn’t mean they’re good for you.” “Love may make you feel better about your relationship problems, but it won’t solve your relationship problems.” “Sometimes the best way to love someone is to let them go.”

From dating and popping the question, to breaking up and getting over your ex, to creating a long-lasting and happy marriage, Manson provides the raw advice that forces us to be honest with ourselves and accept reality as it is, not as we’d like it to be.

Picture by @jalapenogirl

Everything is f*cked: A book about hope : Review

Okay, so this book wasn’t a mystery or thriller book! But, I must say it is a rollercoaster ride. I read this book very slowly, taking my time to understand because I did not want to miss anything out. Mark Manson has started all the chapters with a story about thinkers and philosophers and how did it change the perspective of people. Even the references are impressive. Well, I did not cross-check it. The only conclusion of any self- help book is to love ourselves and that is the only thing important even if we are pissed on anything else right now. The only thing that matters among all the self-help books is the writing style. I have not read any other self-help book. This one was enjoyable. Maybe, I will re-read some of the chapters in between for amusement.
Well, I must say that the author has done a lot of research to connect the situations and stick to the point. The Author has described the feeling and thinking brain, the way one thing leads to another and what happens at last when things get out of control.
I will say everyone should read this book because of some facts that we actually don’t know. Maybe, you can also connect some of your scattered dots. Writing the same thing, again and again, is boring. But, writing the same thing in different style and grabbing attention is actually interesting.

5/5 Book rating.

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