The Secret of his turquoise eyes

About the book:

THE SECRET OF HIS TURQUOISE EYES is a page turner of a mystery thriller. It melds together fantasy and science in such a way that it will stay with you long after you finish.

‘A gifted eye that can see the unperceivable, a secret that cannot be seen; with clock ticking the hunt to decode this enigma begins.’ 

Rudra Gautam is a theoretical physicist whose mesmerizing turquoise eyes aren’t just his most impressive feature, but are gifted to visualize the world of electric and magnetic energies around them. He keeps his extraordinary capabilities hidden until his uniqueness is chosen to unravel an abstruse secret. The clues to which are hidden in strangest of places; the directions to which can be obtained only by solving complex codes, that only the most knowledgeable can figure out.

Rudra quickly realizes that he will need the help of Azna Jahe, a Glacial-Geography and Lhasa expert whom he once loved. Their quest takes them on a harrowing journey over the world’s most unforgiving elevations where their innermost fears comes to life. They skim through the layers of increasingly complex ciphers, all while being pursued by a para-human assassin who will stop at nothing to obtain that secret.

But it requires a lot more than just knowledge to unravel that secret; will Rudra be able to cross those barriers to solve it? If so, then will there be any coming back for him?

How far will he go until he realizes that the answer to it lays within him?


My Review:

This is my second Sci-fi book and I must say an amazing book from Indian Author. Mixture of science, fantasy, adventure and everything that you would really wanna read this summer. First and for most, the protagonist, Rudra has special turquoise eyes and this makes him exception from others. So one monk manipulates him to come to Himalaya and there the story begins of his lonesome journey. A Well-written and perfectly described story. Details as required. The plot was great into the snowy island and it was picturesque. So grabbed till the end.

Well, I have never been to Himalayan part of the India and I am glad to pick up this book. The only think I can find negative is the names of Monks. I could not really relate the names of so many characters in the starting.

The chemistry between Rudra and Azna Jahe. Somewhere, I thought, I could relate this book with the Da Vinci Code. Only the difference was about the plot of situation. Two couples solving the mystery.

I am glad to read such an stricking book from an Indian Author and want them to develop more ideas like this.


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