Kill, My Darlings

“The Wrong always feels so good. Otherwise, why would people do it?”

-Kill, My Darlings, Christy Aldridge

About the book:

Kill, My Darlings is a collection of Short stories exploring many possible outlets and styles from horror and diving into varying amounts of subjects, from monsters and demons to cannibalism and psychological terrors. From erotica to flash-fiction, Aldridge explores multiple sub-genres and subjects within the 13 stories published in this collection. From a twisted, female serial killer with The mistress…to a demonic playground for the lustful in Insatiable…Follow Aldridge as she takes you through clowns, boogeymen, talking radios and infomercials in this collection of horror.

My Review:

As the name will drag you towards it, this book did the same to me when I found this is recently published and is a collection of horror stories. I am not a fan of short stories. I tried some books before but did not like it. This book is the exception in my list. Reading these short stories will give you a glimpse of horror and ends suddenly. That time I realized, there are stories of which I don’t need any conclusion or specific ending. As I began reading, Stories got more horrifying at which I cringed.
My favorite stories were: I-65, The pig on mercy lane, Final girl and The Monroe meal plan.
All the stories have a novel idea. From the talking radio, 450 kg of women who was on the mercy of her husband, a psycho girl to the cannibalism. I really admire the writing skill, very descriptive as much as required. I really enjoyed the whole book, even I did not realize when I reached the last story. The book Cover is also too intriguing. All in all, if you are a horror lover, then you will definitely like this book. I have also highlighted some quotes from the first story (The Mistress).
There was not much to dislike about this book. I was okay with the detailed description. I will look forward to reading more stories from Christy Aldridge. The only thing that made me uneasy and I had a tough time accepting the last story.

Book Review: 5/5

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