In the gleaming light

“We don’t live in a perfect world and we shouldn’t pretend that we do”
– In the gleaming light, H R Moore

About the book:

When the robots steal our jobs…

It’s 2048. Automation has stolen vast swathes of jobs, and the government pays everyone a no-strings-attached income, enough to live on, in order to keep the economy afloat. Society is split into those who can get jobs; engineers, managers, creatives, and those who cannot.

Iva Brooksbank, Senior Investigator of the Enforcement Office, has made a career of taking down corporate moguls who flout the rules, and now she has Guy Strathclyde, CEO of Cybax Technologies, firmly in her sights. She’s sure he’s up to something, and races to find evidence that will stick, before her time runs out.

Lulu Banks, a world famous artist, uses her work to highlight the deep inequalities and injustices the world now faces, perpetuated, she thinks, by the relentless march of technology. But when she finds herself the object of Guy’s affections, she has to decide if she can trust his intentions, or if he’s just the same as all the other corporate big dogs.


My Review:

This was my first Sci-fi book. And, I have been thinking to try some. Thanks, @hr_moore for this free review copy.
This was something very different genre from my interest. The most intriguing was that of Robots to take over our jobs and so this made me read this book. And, really I am happy to give Sci-fi a chance to be included in my interest.
The story is written from a different perspective of society. Firstly, I really like the writing style. Sober characters with complicated jobs living in the generation of robots. As we all know, these days we don’t even get time for ourselves in the situation of competition and livelihood. Robots are essential to do our jobs which restricts us from having some time for ourselves also things were made more easier and faster. The only problem comes when Robots are seen to develop some feelings.
I bet you can finish it in one go with 168 pages. Especially, when you will be made to think about the future. Robots will be dominant and technology will rule our lives. We will be its slaves because we cannot do efficient work as they can be just we have to command them.
The Story revolves around the protagonist named Guy Strathclyde and Lulu Banks. Guy is the manufacturer of robots whereas, Lulu is against them. They both have a good relation which leads to the war between an investigator Iva and Thomas with Guy.
I am glad to read this book and will be looking forward to books that will make me think of the future. I also liked the description of the usage of change in technology for several other things like taking an apartment on rent. Then a robotic car.
The lifestyle has changed in this decade so much that I am afraid we will be dependent on robots no matter what. Even though we try to constrain it within a limit, we cannot control the needs of humans which is going on expanding with an increase in human population, drastic hectic lifestyle and pollution.
Book rating: 5/5 just because being a standout in the market and making people think of the future.

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  1. I’m adding this one to my goodreads! thank you!

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