Closet of lies

“When someone follows the chain of Precedence, we should follow the path of ignorance”
-Samruddhi Chandak, Closet of lies.

About the book:

Bogged down by the pressures of daily hospital routine, 28-year-old cancer patient Riddhi’s life suddenly picks up the pace when she starts receiving mysterious letters from an anonymous sender, who means bloody business. Riddhi finds herself in the fast lane when a renowned top cop is found murdered as mentioned in one of the letters. It is only when CBI officer Kabir Rana gets involved in solving the case, does he realize there is more to Riddhi than meets the eye. When Kabir starts decoding secret clues that would lead him to the murderer, what he comes across shakes him to the core.



Oh, my-my!!!
I really must say this reminded me of an Indian CID series use to be on the television. The way we use to just keep on repeating one episode after the other, to find the murderer and not to move from our sofa, without blinking an eye, having our snacks and, looking at the gestures made by ACP Pradyumann!!! Indians will well relate to what I am trying to code here!!!
This book is just like that.
Raving you the characters and leaving you with the idea of what could be the possible next move and what could be not.
A very fast read and a short story. Good for mystery lovers.
The intriguing part of the book was the idea of letters. Really, the Author knows how to make the readers hooked to the story. The title mainly depicts the life of the characters were all made of lies, so the title of the book justifies the story well. Characters go up fast living their lives one after the other day! Mainly, the clues. I appreciate the efforts Author has taken to make up the clues in the letters. Really thoughtful!!!
The combination of science and doctor left me impressed. Me, being from the Chemical field, loved it. I will obviously not reveal them here 😀
And, the Breaking Bad connection to make up the clues, Very cool!!!
I must say the book is very well-written with easy narration. The only thing I missed was the description. When we go towards the Idea of reading the book, we want to live those characters to some extent which is usually done by the description of the characters and environment created.
Like, I want to know more how Riddhi looked! Is Kabir Rana handsome! has a nice officer build-up! How big was the house of Riddhi! What was the paint of the walls of her room! What was her past! Did Riddhi and Raghav had some more history where one of them was left heart-broken! Eventually, the case was going to die, how did he predict that Kabir will go after the clues he had planted just to expose himself. I also missed a glimpse of the murderer which would have been an epilogue of the book.
I would like to recommend this book to all. Even if you are not into reading, I bet this book will stand an exception on your bookshelf.
Book review- 5/5

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