The invisible investigation

“Insanity has no limits”
-The invisible investigation, Lionel Touzellier

About the book:

All the details concerning official investigations into the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and all details concerning his alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald are taken from official documents.
The scientific data given here is based on actual research.
All descriptions of monuments, public places, and organizations are based on real life.


My review:

I have watched the JFK assassination video on Youtube and it is considered to be the most horrific video in the history caught on camera.
I really enjoyed this non-fiction crime thriller and all the historic details of American history. The assassination made the biggest change in America’s future just because of a person who was mentally unstable and trying to relate himself to history.
The story of collecting the proof and keeping it secret investigation makes the situation difficult for Dr. Wang and Dr. Mandley. The author takes us to an adventure of the probability of many organizations to be involved in the murder and to deteriorate the proof which would prove who was the main conspirator for it. The story starts when Dr. Mandley finds a DNA of unknown person on the gun and it gets stolen. Even the computer gets stolen and in which investigation data was stored.
Was Oswald working for someone? How could Dr. Wang prove the unknown DNA found on the gun which was used to assassinate Kennedy belongs to the main criminal who has set things up?
The story revolves around the emotional and technical aspects of two researchers trying to find the truth assigned to them by the American government. Another main character Roy Harrison tries to play with the clues and confuses the Russian investigators for determining the real killer so that they couldn’t use it against the country again.
I highly recommend this book to all history lovers out there!
The simple language and historic details will hook you up with the book.

Book reviews: 5/5

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