Get over it tips!

“If you don’t love me

Someone else will surely do”

– Jalapenogirl

Eventually, we all don’t get to be with the person we always wanted to be with.

From any circumstances we get seperated, broken up or worse which lead to a depressing phase of our lives and in the want of that chasing feeling, to get back everything like it was before and crying a lot, we forget we deserved better than we are being treated as!

People who leave without having second thoughts just don’t deserve you. In fact, I myself walked away from my best friend over fighting many issues and that made me feel like if things are not working between us I cannot continue anymore! It was so strong feeling in myself that I forgot the happy times I had spent with them and just left for the sake of my mental peace! Things will never be like before when we come across each other. But at present, I did what was good for both the sides.

So later that month, I was left by my close one! I tried every up and down to make things like before but it won’t get any better! Then I thought I should actually respect that person’s decision and accept my journey is over with him. It’s time for me to let new things come into my life pack up the old ones in my baggage! Yes, I don’t mind saying it is a baggage on me. I am still carrying.

Some tips for you to get over someone: 

1] Try reading:

Reading will take you places where you will want to go when you want to run away from your feelings for someone. It will be hard to concentrate at first but with time you will love it.

2] Write what you feel:

Whenever you miss that person, you should write your feelings down in the form of essays or poems whichever you want and keep that only to yourself. Because when you will miss that person you would want to talk to them so badly which will lead you to call or message them. That is the sign of weakness.

3] Go to a counselor:

There are cases when you actually know whats right and wrong. But you cannot control your mind to stand to it. Meet a counselor. Because when you hear the same right steps to be taken from someone else it will encourage your mind like ‘Oh, yeah! I already knew this. Then if others also think the same I should try my best executing them’

4] Drink strong coffee whenever you feel restless missing someone:

Yes, caffeine can control your mind when you are tired of controlling it. It will stimulate a energy within you and get you back in your senses.

5] Go out, shop as harder as you can:

Shopping will make you realize even harder that you are really ready for accepting new things in life.

6] Workout:

The most important of all is Workout! Yes! You have to take out all your stress and anxiety over someone by working out. A gym would be the best because concentrating is required in Yoga and it will be difficult at the start and you will back off. So gym harder and make yourself more confident for going out.

7] Eat Healthy:

Many times people start having big junks of pizzas and burger when they are not feeling quite good about any relationship which gives them stress. This approach is totally wrong! The more you eat healthy food (Whatever comes apart from junk food) will make you think clearer for the future!

But I know one thing. This world is very big and you should always be ready to accept new things coming in your way rather than holding on to the old ones! Even we all should be glad that new roads have been paved automatically and you can do whatever the hell you want!

And, one day you will realize that wound has disappeared. There will be a mark, obviously! But, you know what actually you learned and handle your future without hesitation!




6 Comments Add yours

  1. Gottfried says:

    Haha, you should take your own advice


    1. jalapenogirl says:

      Lol. 😂😂😂😂


      1. Gottfried says:

        I was laughing so much when I saw this 😂


      2. jalapenogirl says:

        Really! I am glad I could make you laugh 😁 My pleasure 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Gottfried says:

        You were right about your opening quote. I’m ‘somebody else’


      4. jalapenogirl says:

        Thanks, Love! ❤ ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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