Green River, Running Red by Ann Rule

“Prostitution is a profession born of desperation, poverty, alienation and loneliness.”

This amazingly written true crime book will literally blow your mind.


To know more, read ahead.

There are angels and demons,

Black and white,

Light  and dark!

But choices are ours to choose from.

One such bad choice was made by Gary Ridgway out of his habits.

His hobby was to kill innocent people.

I have really  got my mind blown by reading this sad and real story of America’s deadliest serial killer.

Ann Rule has described all of the victims in details to highlight the loss of life.

The insanity of a man can really destroy a society’s point of view.

Many of you may Google about this case and find Gary Ridgway. And wonder eventually we know the killer so whats the point of reading. I believe this book will help you to know the importance of lives you live and also those of around you, when you read about the dreadful life of womens who were murdered. There lives were more horrible than Gary Ridgway’s dyslexia.

This book deserves 5 Star…The only thing I can say negative about this book is that being a true story it was haunting my mind. Many times I kept this book aside because I use to feel depressed reading about this runaway or depressed women finding their solutions in prostitution. So really Sad !!!

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  1. Major Styles says:

    Ironically, Dave Reichert (the detective assigned to the case) bumbled the data for two decades. And yet, dispute his incompetence, he used the notoriety of the incident to run for US Senate…and win.

    An example of turning incompetence into a small fortune.

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    1. jalapenogirl says:

      Woah, I did not know this! I wish case would have been solved earlier so that many of the girls could have been saved!

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      1. Major Styles says:

        When I was in Seattle for a few days, I drove by the Ridgway house. It’s right next to the airport. At any rate, somebody is living in there. I thought, “There’s no way in hell that I could even live in that house…no matter how cheap the price!”

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      2. jalapenogirl says:

        Oh my Goodness!!! Can’t believe someone can really live in that corrupt minded house. What about Ridgway’s wife!


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