It’s bad, not illegal


Expectation kills, but obsession murders.


My best friend had promised me to take me to an art festival.I love arts, artifacts and that place is fabulously famous. I haven’t been there before so I was very excited to go. I had early morning lecture and so I woke up early in the morning even before the dawn. Took all my makeup stuff in the bag, my pink dress, notebook etc. I ran directly to my gym. I reached even before it was opened. After my gym session, I changed my clothes and rushed towards the railway station.
Then, as I opened my bag to find something to eat, it occurred to me that I forgot my lunchbox and box of fruits at home in a hurry. I did my makeup on the train, (yes it was awkward, but I had to due to a shortage of time). Ready to fiddle through my day, I met my friend and she said, she can’t come with me because she has to go meet her boyfriend. Even she had just met him a day before, I don’t know what was so urgent.
I didn’t have any problem, of course. But, what hurt me was her priority was him even though I had accompanied her whenever she had asked me to even if I was busy. I mean, this may sound childish to you all, but I am a kind of possessive person, not a crazy. I can understand. Since it was the last day of the festival. She just didn’t care how much I wanted to go to the fest. And, I was so angry and upset. I didn’t wait for a second after the lecture, not even to say her a goodbye. I wasted my whole day thinking the kind of priority she was to me. But, now I can’t be the same person to her. I just cannot get this out of my mind. I don’t care to go to the festival. I only care the way she treated me. She wasn’t even sorry for it. I think, now on she’ll see how cruel I can be when I change my priority.

14 thoughts on “It’s bad, not illegal

      1. There is one tragedy here. I don’t have any friends. I make good friends. But, then something wrong happens because of which I get angry as hell and things are never like before anymore.

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  1. may be your friend was having so much trust in you that you can do anything for her happiness and going with her bf must be something great for her :p, it is called priority but on other side its the thing that with whom you have more understanding, you push that person more in favor of you. Just my views and i know it hurts of course when your plans don’t go that way in which you were thinking .. but if i would be there in your place, i will let my friend to know what i feel and will give my friend a chance to give their point of view.. πŸ™‚

    Please ignore if doesn’t match with your thoughts… Stay blessed πŸ™‚

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  2. Very interesting! My take on this is that I have ZERO expectations from anyone. So I never get disappointed. I feel that no- one owes me anything- I always plan things with a view that I’m on my own. So if things turn for the better- it’s a bonus! Hope you got it worked out. Ps many girls I know will choose their bf over their gf at the last minute!πŸ˜•

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