Stuck between people and work

Am stuck
Am drowned
I cannot figure things out.
I need a help, please hear my shouts.
To face new people, to make new friends.
How can we believe on someone?
Who to keep as stranger and accept as friend?
I have lost my confidence.
I like to be on my own.
Let me concentrate.
Just leave.
I want to work alone.
Am always good and work superb than anyone else.
Always one step ahead.
So I’ll forgive your jealousy
It’s not your fault
It’s just me
Better than the best.

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  1. If only we could all be just left along to get on with it. It really resonates with my recent work issues.
    Luckily I don’t have to deal with mine anymore but you have my sympathies with these troubles, I know they’re not fun!

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    1. rakhioverhere says:

      I am really having tough time making new friends 😟 I don’t why people just don’t like me at all because I am one step ahead of them. There are some who are good with me too. So I have decided I won’t take any interest for the jealous ones.

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      1. I’ve always had problems making friends and I don’t know if I really have any. Online yes but real life I’m never sure always in doubt.
        People should like you because you’re lovely and you’ve done the right thing ignore those jealous holdbacks


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