Please don’t stop the rain!

All I want is to stare, stare outside at black cloudy sky

I cannot stop but stare, with my raised hope and opened eyes

Please rain, please rain this time

Don’t miss this opportunity, don’t make us cry

Let the temperature drop, take away the heat waves

We have nowhere to go, this nation is like a heated caves

The drippling sound of rain drops, soft tone to my ears as they increase

With every rain drop it falls, now the country will be at peace

The cold breezes flowing around, waves my hairs like playing hide and seek

I can feel they are speaking, kissing me on my cheeks

All I want is my book, a glass of wine from my fridge

I am not able to concentrate, be attentive over my studies

The calculations spilled in my notebook, demands to be complete

The novel kept at table, screams for me to love it

I want to live with all of you; you all helped me to exist

But, just in few minutes of rain, all the excitement ceased

Rain has disappeared; all the clouds have taken exit.

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    1. rakhioverhere says:

      Thank you so much 🙂


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