Our unconscious mind-blank


It’s clear

I struggled it through

It left me feeling so empty

I don’t know

What’s it about?

I still  have to figure things out

We all must have experienced the time when we must have fallen in love. The time when we had lost ourselves to love them infinitely. Thinking of them in our dreams or after we wake up. Yes, I am talking about our special ones. We call them as ‘Special ones’ because they make us feel special, obviously as the word indicates. There is no one like them in our life who could love us like they do. And, also you must be remembering the day when you had a broken up with your special one. Yes, it must have taking you long time to overcome them. Some people just take forever for that. But, what we don’t realize is what made that person special was actually us !  We love someone more than ourselves, we care for them day and day out. Made them feel special too in a way they did to us like no one had ever made them feel or could not make them feel like you did, since we all have our own aura. So this eventually means that the power was inside us. We carry so much power of love, that we needed someone to share with. And, when they go away, we feel empty because they had taken some of our special power away. Don’t mourn over the loss. See this as opportunity to get recharged again. Recharge yourself with a more developed power which would be stronger than the before one. Some take this as not getting in a relationship again, not getting closer to someone again, some take it as getting rude over people or some just start loving again. Choice is yours, just remember to make sure that it develops you in all the way of your life and you are happy. At the end of the story, being happy is all that matters.

Be happy 🙂



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  1. Jessica Axe says:

    Gosh, I just posted a poem that expresses this sentiment. Love can sometimes just be so overwhelming

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    1. rakhioverhere says:

      Yes, it is overwhelming all the time 🙂

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  2. This is a wondefully positive message. Yes love can be intense and when it’s taken from you it can be too much to bear but this is such a strong message to never give up.

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    1. rakhioverhere says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

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  3. May be its the over rated undue importance we all associate with “love”, than the actual thing itself. Leaves people hopeless and broken. Guess Happiness should not be associated to a person. HAppiness just like that is better may be…

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    1. rakhioverhere says:

      You are absolutely right ! But, people take time to understand this 🙂

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    1. rakhioverhere says:

      Thank you..and thank you for reading xx

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