Orderly-It’s the guilt



You’ll see me here, you’ll see me there

If am not cleared

You’ll realize your guilt everywhere

I will never leave your mind

My memory won’t wash away till your death.

You can’t even run away

If you try to leave me behind

I’ll come another day


There are no doors and windows to close and hide

Nor even a place to leave and run

It’s just a box

Which will hold you tight

Till you suffocate

And scream for a beam of light


It will strangle you with an invisible rope

Cannot be opened by any force

The more you try to untie it

The more it will get tighten

Your mind will be rusted like an Iron barrier


The only way to get out of the box

Is to accept what you did wrong.

To make it right

Give an apology for the things you misplaced

Then It will start to erase

Put their hearts back to the shape

The light will now be visible to see

The sides of the box will fall one by one

That’s how you will be free


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